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Quincy Dress

July 31, 2019 in CUSTOM DRESSES

Quincy Dress

July 31, 2019 in CUSTOM DRESSES

The concept of Quinceanera is quite popular in Latin cultures and, is most popular in Latin cultures. It is celebrated when a girl becomes a woman and the quince dresses are especially worn for this occasion. As the Quinceanera is about stepping into the phase of adulthood from teen, it is extremely important to select perfect attire and, shoes for the ceremony. It is important to keep in mind that the shoe or the dress both shouldn’t look immature and, must be acceptable for a young lady.

When it comes to the quinces dresses, mostly the ball gowns are used in the name of Quince dress as the ceremony involves dancing. Even if you don’t wear any quince dresses pink then, atleast, the dress should be a long or full skirt, so that it matches the dress code of the ceremony.

Also, it is important to keep in mind that the dress should not have choking necklines and, must not be too high as it gives that childish look rather than a princess. The dress should be chosen in such a way that it should enhance your curves since you are becoming a lady from a child. In a general way, the quinceanera dress must assemble the look of a wedding dress rather than a prom gown. These dresses look extremely formal, lavish and, are perfect for dancing when paired with jewelry, gloves and other accessories.

It is important to choose quince dresses which are flattering and, white is one of the perfect colors to choose from for this ceremony. Nevertheless, any color can be chosen light or dark, every color will be perfect for the ceremony.

Choosing perfect quince dress

Being one of the most popular celebrations as well as the tradition of Latin American people, it is mostly famous for its extraordinary details as well as decoration. Keeping aside all the decoration and celebrations, the most important part of the celebration is the outfit which is the Quinceanera dress. Selecting an attractive quince dress is similar to that of selecting a wedding dress for you. Before selecting the dress, it is important to keep in mind a few things which are described below.

Plan your budget

It is extremely important to select a proper dress, which will not only look good on you but will also be moderately priced. Having the thought of budget will also force you to do less searching which will make your shopping more quickly. By planning on the budget you will easily have a check on the amount that you are going to spend for purchasing your dressand, this will make your shopping more proper and, also you won’t be spending a lot of money solely for your dress.

As soon as you decide your budget, you would be able to understand whether or not you must buy the dress or rent it. Depending on your budget you can either buy more than one dress or, you can also get custom made quince dresses. The quality of the dress and the design as well the fabric is completely dependent on the price of the dress.

Choose subtle colors

Most of the traditional quince dresses are either white or, they are pastel shades. But today, most of the quinceanera dresses are available in almost every color and, depends on how you can carry it. Also, the dress comes with intricate detailing with sequins, beads, and laces which looks extremely elegant and chic. Fashion these days has immensely improved and can match up with the tradition. The color of the dress can match up with the cake, invitations, decorations, and, even flowers.

The custom quince dresses are so popular that you easily choose the color of the dress according to your choice and, as per the decoration. The concept of this dress is simply to be the center of attention of the ceremony along with the theme and its colors.

Wisely choose the style

Every quince dress has its style and, is also dependent on which dress style you want to choose for the occasion. Listed below are some of the quince outfit styles.

  • Traditional quince dress- If you and your family are more interested in organizing a traditional party, then it is best if you choose traditional white quince dresses. This dress is extremely flattering and has an extraordinary flare of formality which can help in complimenting your femininity.

Also, it is best to wear a traditional style dress, especially at this ceremony as it involves popular culture and tradition.

  • Fun quince dress- If you are the one who loves to show her uniqueness and free-spirited side, then, it is best to try out the fun quince dress. You can choose a peacock dress as it is extremely colorful and, has many fun designs throughout the dress. This will create a perfect mood for the party.
  • Sophisticated quince dress- If you love wearing elegant dresses for any formal quinceanera events, then, it is better to choose the quince dresses pink or the ones which have rhinestones studded on it. The sheen of the dress will look extremely stunning and, will give that celebrity like the look.

You can pair the dress with bare shoulders and accentuated waist which will give that touch of sophistication to your overall look. 

Select dress as per your body type

Before selecting any custom made quince dresses it is better to know about your body shape as it will provide you with a better idea on the dresses that will look good on you. A lot of quince dresses are available in the market with having different cuts and, designs and if you have a clear idea about your body shape then, you would be able to select the right dress for you. Also, you will look extremely stunning in the pictures with that perfectly fitted dress.

Therefore, it is better to do a bit of research on the different types of quinceanera dresses that are available in the market and, select depending on the shape of your body.

Try on different dresses

It is tiring to try different dresses before picking your favorite one, but when you will see that your dress is looking extremely attractive on you, then you will thank yourself for all the hard work that you did. It is important to try atleast six to seven dresses before finally making your favorite purchase.

Since it would be your day so the focus would be on you and your dress. So it’s better to choose the right outfit without getting frustrated throughout the process of trying on.

Know your comfort level

One of the most common mistakes that we all do is choosing fashion over comfort. Enjoying the night, dance and gracefully walking down the party is the most important thing that you want to do. But if you choose any dress that can make you uncomfortable would be one of the biggest mistakes as you won’t be able to enjoy the party.

It is not a good idea to sacrifice comfort for the sake of wearing a beautiful dress as it will only cause you disappointment and frustration as you won’t be able to enjoy the party.

Choose a trusted partner for shopping

It is a good idea if you take your best friend, mother or sister at the time of purchasing the dress. Asking from too many people will only create confusion and no good as everybody will try to put in their advice and suggestion since everybody has their views and opinions. It’s better to select any one advisor and keep consulting with that person more often. 

Types of Quinceanera Dresses

Different types of quince dresses are available in the market and according to your choice and body shape, it is important to choose your perfect dress for the ceremony. Listed below are some of the popular quince dresses and custom quince dresses from which you can choose your perfect match.

  • A-Line silhouette dress- The quince dresses having the A-line silhouette fits perfectly on almost all body types and looks extremely flattering which makes it a popular quince dress style. It’s better if you can get a dress like this or make a custom quince dresses with a beautiful sweetheart neckline. Alternatively, if you want to highlight your curves, then, you can invest in a corset gown.
  • Empire dress- Ladies with larger bust will look extremely beautiful with the empire cut dresses, as it helps in making an illusion of small midsection and, will give that proper hourglass figure.

The waistline of the empire dress sits perfectly below the bustline and, the rest of the dress has flares that reach right to the bottom.

Hence, these are some of the significant things which are important to consider if you want to purchase a quince dress for yourself as it is important to ask yourself whether or not you are happy with your purchase and will it look good on you on your day.