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Everything you need to know about your first custom dress


Everything you need to know about your first custom dress


If you have already decided to buy a custom made dress, then you may think whether the investment is worth it or not. But you should know that bespoke dresses are not a frivolous investment because you can wear it on many occasions. This is the reason why custom made dresses cost more. A few inches can make a great difference when it comes to the fitting. So you should not avoid visiting your tailor before placing your order. If you don’t have any idea about the preferences of your dresses, then think about the dislike and discuss it with your tailors. Here are some reasons why you need to consider buying a custom dress.



To get a dress which is only for you is quite convenient. Here you only need to visit a tailor to give your body measurement and then you have to wait for the dress to be made. The alternative is inconvenient where you have to visit several stores to find the right dress. The ready-made dresses come with generic sizes. This type of shopping also takes too much time and at that time, you could do some productive things. Going to a tailor means, you will get the dress later, so the time that you would spend on shopping will be reduced drastically.


You can get a better quality

You will get better quality from a custom dress because these are made especially for you. If you compare the fabric which is used to make a custom dress, then you can notice a difference in quality. Because the ready-made dresses are made using a machine on an assembly line but a person oversees the sewing of the custom made dress. Additionally,  if you make custom dresses then you can select the fabric that you want. Even the low-end fabric that the tailor use is better than most fabrics which are used to make generic clothes. You can choose here your style and precise specifications. But when you walk into a store, you will have less choice to buy the available styles. However, when you visit a tailor, then you can discuss your preferences about the length of the hem, style, and neckline of your dress.

Custom made dresses can give you a better fit

When you buy custom dresses, then you will get something that fits like a second skin. Not only it will flatter the contours of your body but also it will accentuate your best features and will hide the one that you want to conceal. Unless you are very lucky, you will not find a dress that fits perfectly from the stores. As a customer, you deserve the best quality of the fabric and construction and you only achieve it from a custom dress. 

This is cheaper 

Most of the women think that bespoke dress cost an arm and a leg but actually, they don’t. If you spend a little more in the made to measure dresses what you would on a ready-made dress, then you don’t have to pay for alternation. Additionally, custom made dresses last longer than a ready-made one do. That means you will save more in the