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Eshakti- Things to Know About Custom Dresses

July 31, 2019 in CUSTOM DRESSES

Eshakti- Things to Know About Custom Dresses

July 31, 2019 in CUSTOM DRESSES

The word custom already means something which is made as per your taste. Customizing your dress means that you can choose the length of your dress, style, fit and, almost everything you can do. The custom dresses don’t indicate if anything is machine-made or handmade and, various other features of your dress. Rather, it simply means that your dress would be made with some sort of customization.

The concept of made to measure dress and, custom dress have gained popularity quite a long time back and, in case you are ignorant about it then, it is important for you to ask different questions at the time of investing in these kinds of dresses. Also, it is important to be cautious about many websites who call themselves as the custom dressmaker since this field is extremely tough and, needs expertise in making such dresses.

A lot of websites have the facility of custom dress, custom wedding dresses, and, various other types of dresses that you can think of and calls them as popular and, expert custom dressmaker when they only take your measurements and send it to the factory from where your dress is being made and then delivered to you.

Benefits of custom dresses

The first that comes to our mind whenever we think of custom dresses are costly, unnecessary only for them who love fashion as well as huge ego. But we can provide you with the necessary knowledge on how the concept of custom dresses work and, how you can create your favorite customized outfit which will make you look extremely stunning, unique and extraordinary. Listed below are some of the major benefits of opting for the customized dress over the online dresses.

  • Better fit- If you don’t know that if you invest in us for making your customized dress then, you will certainly get a better fit. Having great fit is an extremely important way to show off your body and, your curves that help in enhancing the look of your body. Also, the custom dresses for prom is one of the most flattering ways if, you want to make yourself look more put together and elegant.

With our custom made dress, you can make yourself look healthy as it is one of the most attractive assets and, this is our main motto. We make the dresses in such a way that it will adjust to your measurements and you can look extremely gorgeous and elegant on your special day. These outfits are made in such a way that it adapts to the different features like the neck area of the dress must be comfortable, sleeve length must be proper and also the body length.

  • Good quality materials are includedWe know that quality matters and that’s why we include the best materials for making your desired dresses. The off rack clothes are not good in quality and, also the quality doesn’t matter for these. That’s how it works, production of the cheap quality fabrics with which the clothing items are made. The clothes which are manufactured are not examined by the professionals. But with us, it is a completely different story. As soon as you put your order after selecting your desired styles, we emphasize on providing you with the best quality fabrics, so that you can look elegant on your special day.

We give priority to precision and, can find out any issues from the dress and make immediate adjustments. Also, as you can choose fabrics according to your need before making the dress and, this is one of the biggest advantages. 

  • Mention your style- Suppose you want to make custom bridesmaid dresses of your choice and want to highlight a few features of your body. Readymade clothes are capable of reflecting your inner self but with the custom dress, you can help in highlighting your individuality.

If you design your bridesmaid dress with us then along with your bride-to-be friend, you can also become a center of attention in the party as we design every single dress with a unique blend of premium design and aristocracy. 

We work with not just pieces of fabrics but we focus on various designs as well as features which makes us creative and different from others. The unique features which people mostly notice about your dress are its color, design and, we make sure to take care of that.

  • Great longevity

The world is filled with consumer-driven temporary goods whose quality is mostly not upto the mark. Therefore, if you want to be smart and, remain ahead of everyone, then, it’s better to avoid the problem of being blinded by the price tags.

Invest more in custom dresses as it’s is one of the most popular and wisest methods of long term investment. These dresses are made with good quality materials and you have to face fewer problems in the long run.

Difference between bespoke and made-to-measure

The bespoke dress and made- to- measure dressis connected to different types of wedding dresses but, most of the people do not know about them. There is a huge difference between both of these varieties of dress and some of them are mentioned below.

Bespoke wedding dress

The popular bespoke dress involves the method depends on the making of a new design for your dress as per your requirements. Since the designs for this dress is made specifically so, the price of these dresses is extremely high. We have this exclusive facility too and, we mostly begin with a proper consultation process with you. Our designers will make a design as per your need and the way you will describe the design of your dress. 

This dressmaking process involves plenty of fitting sessions and, takes a lot of time. Most of the brides who choose this process to have an idea on what they want and, often don’t find what they are looking for in the market or has a huge budget for enjoying all the features and luxury of the personally designed dress. 

Made- to- measure dress

The made to measure dress are mostly custom made and the size is mostly tailored and not the whole design. All you have to do is select a style from our designer collection and then, according to the appointments made we will take your measurements and prepare the dress so that it can match and fit properly according to your body shape. 

These dresses are mostly cheaper as compared to the bespoke dresses since we don’t have to make a completely new design and mostly use the already made design and simply adjust the size to fit it as per your size.

Popular myths about custom dresses

The access to clothing has indeed increased to such an extent that you can scroll through feed and order for the latest designs. You will get to hear a lot of myths especially about the process of custom dresses. A lot of consumers are mostly either exhausted of clothes, being at the shopping mall or simply ordering online thinking of what they order, they get the same thing which has the most perfect fit and good quality. But there are many myths about custom clothing and some of them are mentioned below.

  • Long process- People mostly believe that custom dress takes a lot of time and needs but that’s not true. Our fast process service can help you in getting quick service. You only have to make appointments and we will take your measurements. We only take a little bit of time just to prepare the dress and with our fast delivery service; you will get your dress delivered within a few days.
  • Expensive- It is quite obvious that handmade items are a bit pricey than the machine-made things. But that is not something you should be paying attention to. You should consider the durability, quality, as well as the comfort as these, are some of the most important things that matters the most especially for a dress. We would suggest that it is a good idea to spend a bit more on the products that are handmade, durable and are of good quality rather than the temporary goods and machine-made.
  • The pre-made dresses are money saver- There are plenty of options in wedding and prom dresses which are readymade and, purchasing of these dresses can make you spend more adjustments and alterations in case the dress doesn’t turn out to be of perfect size and perfect match. Whereas, if you make custom dresses then we can help you in making a perfect sized dress for you that will not only fit well on to you but also will compliment you in every way and also you don’t have to waste money for alterations and adjustments.

Therefore, these are some of the things which are important to know before you want to opt for a custom dress before your wedding day or prom night as it has many advantages and, the finishing of these dresses are also extremely good. is world’s Largest bespoke dress brand , you can customise your dress completely altering size, dress pattern and fabric as well.